A little about me....



“Art is not something one chooses to do. Artists have to create; they have no control over it. Artists never know when the inspiration will come or from what. The smallest or largest things, a smell, a feeling, a word, anything can set us off in a panic to create. Upon completion; the satisfaction is immeasurable. I hope you enjoy a little look into my sleepless, coffee filled nights. Thank you for supporting independent artists! “ -Denise A. Bennett

"Welcome to AMB-Studios! I am Denise A. Bennett; I opened AMB-Studios back in 2006 as a way to express my love through painting and creating. As luck and fate would have it, I fell into a position to allow me to retire from hairdressing, and focus solely on my art. I now work full time selling paintings and my up-cycled line all across the Eastern Seaboard. As a mother of 3 I love traveling with my children to shows and opening their minds to the possibilities that you really can have your dreams come true."

Calling the beautiful landscapes of Eastern Pennsylvania her home, Denise has been painting since a very young age. She has had the privilege of expanding her natural talent thru workshops and instructional classes from other artists. As a full-time artist, Denise has the job of a lifetime traveling to many scenic areas to participate in art festivals and sell her paintings. This travel provides many of the inspirations for her oil paintings. You can find an array of subjects in the process of being captured in her studio at any given time. Her paintings have become a part of private collections and business throughout the Eastern Shore and beyond.

"I have been known as an oil painter for many years, and over years I have taken my artistic endeavors into a recycling project. A few years back I was asked to participate in a “green” show. Oil paintings are not very environmentally friendly, so in order to participate I needed a unique idea. I was sitting in my kitchen enjoying a glass of wine when the idea hit me. I could take discarded wine and other beverage bottles and UP-Cycle them into unique, wearable, useable works of art. This idea has evolved into so much more than I expected!. Each one of these pieces is unique. This has been very fulfilling adventure for me as I am helping to create beautiful things out of what people would normally discard and it allows me another artistic outlet while my oil paintings are drying."

"I am very blessed to have the best career anyone could ask for, being an artist allows me the time I need to raise my 3 fabulous children, support them in their dreams and still have a successful business of my own. Never tying myself down to one particular style, I enjoy this freedom to explore colors, textures, techniques and subjects without any limitations. While using oil on canvas I capture the emotions behind my subjects. I want people viewing it to recognize and connect with it, and to share in the memory of it."